Thursday, 24 July 2014

MP's Admit What We All Knew Anyway- "Fit For Work" Tests Unfit for Purpose

A parliamentary select committee has declared that the "Fit for Work" tests introduced by Labour in 2008 and bought into infamy by the current governments attacks on the working class are unfit for purpose and the way incapacity and disability benefits are handled should be overhauled with the introduction of a new system from 2018 when the current system is due to be overhauled.

ATOS, the private sector company who handles the scheme, have already had their contract ended after concerns where raised about the quality of their work but the select committee have now admitted that the system as it stands is largely at fault and they do not believe it can be fixed.

Here is hoping that a sense of decency can prevail over the chance to make money and the obscene fit for work tests can be ended once and for all.

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