Friday, 1 August 2014

Apartheid In The UK

It seems strange to be talking about apartheid occurring in modern Britain but the growing trend to segregate the rich and poor is exactly that.

Apartheid was first used to highlight the rather disgusting practices of racial segregation in South Africa in the period after World War 2, but the usage of the term has grown to include "Segregation on grounds other than race" (quote taken from the oxford dictionary). While the formal practice of apartheid has now ended in South Africa (although the social effects are still being felt and will be for many years to come) Britain has started to use apartheid tactics to separate the rich and poor.

Developments such as One Commercial Street in London (the address itself is an advert of what the British elite see as important) where the wealthy tenants get to enter by the front door and the poorer residents in the apartment block have to enter by a back door and use different bicycle racks etc... are nothing more than an attempt to separate the rich and the poor, people who for the most part are only different due to the fortunes of birth, and treat the poor as a subclass.

Similar apartment blocks have recently caused uproar across the pond in New York and it seems that the rich have finally found a symbol of their wealth which causes outrage amongst the 99% - the people who have to use the poor door.

To show their disgust at this practice and to display solidarity with the majority of people who are not rich enough to use the front door, the Class War Party will be holding a weekly protest at 5.30pm every Wednesday outside One Commercial Street. Anybody in London is welcome to show their disgust at this example of modern apartheid.

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