Monday, 23 June 2014

Cameron Backs Badger Genocide

One again the ruling class have displayed that killing things takes precedent over any science or hard evidence after David Cameron insisted, agreeing with badger-killer-in-chief Owen Patterson, that the badger cull was an effective way of controlling TB in cattle, despite the abject failure of the policy in two trial area's. While stopping short of extending the trial he has committed the government to a further three years of killing badgers, despite their being no evidence that it is working and there being plenty of evidence that it is failing to kill the badgers humanely.

In neither of the area's where the cull has been trialled were the required number of badgers killed, indeed even after extending the time period by three weeks both area's still only killed an estimated 65% of the badger population against a target of 70% that experts believed were needed for the cull to make a difference. Additionally tests on the killed badgers revealed that between 6.6% and 22% of the killed badgers had taken over five minutes too die. Controversially not a single badger was tested to see if it was actually a carrier of bovine TB.

In addition to these concerns, which should be enough to put a stop to the plan, many experts believe that the cull will actually increase bovine TB in areas adjacent to the culls as badgers move away from the danger zones; further to that it is questionable whether the cull can have any effect as there are multiple other animals that carry bovine TB, including deer, sheep and cats (both domestic and wild).

Given all the evidence and reasons against the badgers cull, and the lack of effectiveness of the existing trials, there would seem to any moral being no reason at all to continue with the inhumane, ineffective and totally impotent badger cull.
Unless, of course, you just like killing things.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Labour Are Just Tory Lite - Demand the REAL Alternative

A pretty accurate assessment of the People's Assembly, "Demand the Alternative" march through London on Saturday.

Demanding the Tory-lite Labour Party as an alternative to the Tories, and expecting them to end austerity when they have already admitted that not only will they not roll back the changes made during the current parliament but they also intend to make further attacks against benefits received by the under 25's, is a waste of a good march. When getting a big-haired comedian to call for a "peaceful, effortless, joyful revolution" is your big play it is hardly radical or revolutionary. Rather it panders to the ruling class, who are quite happy for us to have all the free love we want provided we keep working hard to keep them rich and powerful.

Voting Labour is not an alternative to a continuation of neo-liberal, capitalist policies which vilify the working class. Class War is the only alternative.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The People's Assembly Against Austerity - June 21st

The people's assembly are marching through London on June 21st to demand an alternative to the mainstream politics, three parties (four if you count the Dark Tories of UKIP) who share the neo-liberal economic ideas which are strangling the world.
Class War, the long standing anarchist group, are standing up for the people in the next general election and they will be there at the head of the March and prominent in Parliament Square. Lets all show solidarity.

No gods. No masters.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Class War Tax Policy Backed By Leading Economics

Leading French economist Thomas Piketty has declared that the only way to combat growing inequality is to tax the rich at a rate of at least 80%. At Class War we have long been suggesting a tax rate of 95% for the super-rich, and it is great news that this policy is being endorsed by one of the worlds foremost economists, suggesting that out polices of increasing income for the poorest can indeed be paid for by progressive taxing of the rich.