Thursday, 10 July 2014

Class War Solidarity With Public Sector Strikes

The Class War political party has pledged solidarity and support with the members of the public sector who have gone on strike today in an attempt to combat the appalling attacks to their working conditions, pay and pension schemes that the current coalition are imposing (and which Labour have already confirmed they will not reverse).

The attacks on wages and pensions for the majority of public sector is nothing short of ideologically motivated class war as the ruling class are protected from these attacks - the MP's themselves recently enjoyed an inflation busting 11% pay rise.

If you see a picket line do not cross it. And while it is inconvenient for your children to be at home, or for some services to be delayed, remember it is vital to ensure better working conditions for everybody, not just the public sector.

For more read this post by Class War parliamentary candidate Jon Biggar.

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