Thursday, 27 June 2013

A nice little distraction...

I have sat here for the best part of an hour today determined to write something for this blog but with lacking inspiration.

As I sat here with open computer and twiddling thumbs (which, by the way, really hurts) I had the telly box on. The wee bairn was upstairs with mother bairn so I had full remote rights and wanting something that wouldn't distract me from my procrastinating I turned on the tennis.

As those of you in the know may be aware there is currently a little known tennis championship called Wimbledon being staged in our very own London. The British, as I am sure you are aware, are well known champions of tennis boasting both the current Olympic champion, two Olympic silver medallists, the US Open champion, a reigning Wimbledon doubles champion and the reigning junior French and US Open champions.

With this deep sporting pedigree in tennis it will be something of a surprise to find that only one British player has reached the third round of the singles competition in either the men's or the women's draw. Andy Murray- who has seen his route to the final made easier by shock defeats to Roger Federer (17 Grand Slams), Rafa Nadal (11 Grand Slams) and the injuries to Cilic, Tsonga and others. Four days ago he had a daunting, almost impossible run to the final.  At the time of writing this is reflected by Murray now being 1/4 on to reach the final and 6/4 to win Wimbledon outright when there are still 32 players in the tournament.

The spate of injuries has been a great concern to many, with the arm injuries suffered by Darcis and Llodra being blamed on the grass and the wide array of other injuries being blamed on the high workload of players these days.

With that being the case I find it a little strange that the players who have played the most matches this year have all escaped uninjured on the grass. And I remember grass from my childhood and I am pretty sure I would rather play sport on grass than on clay or on the other option- the Hardcourt (the clue as to why is in the title).

Which lead me to believe that a lot of players were happy with the £30+ they get as second round losers and decided to have the rest of the fortnight off.

At this point it occurred to me that the tennis had managed to get through my steely barriers and what was meant to be a long period of procrastination turned instead to a second rate blog. Damn you telly box, damn you sporting world and damn you generally!!!!!

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