Monday, 3 March 2014

Class War Candidate

I am glad to announce on my blog (rather belatedly) that I will be standing as a candidate for Class Wars in the 2015 general election in the West Bromwich West ward.

While I have no illusions that I can achieve victory my decision, as an anarchist, to stand in an organised election stems from the fact that I think we need to gain an official platform to get our voice heard. While we stay outside of the system, and we do with good reason, we are denying ourselves a legitimate platform to get our arguments across and it makes it too easy for the established authorities to silence us and get mainstream media to dismiss us as cranks and hooligans.

By getting ourselves registered as a political party is gives us a platform to stir the debate. I am also hoping to raise class consciousness in an area which is predominantly working class to make people aware of how that are being exploited by a system which promotes inequality, poverty and wage slavery.

My other aim is to stand against the repugnant and offensive fascist parties in the area who managed to secure over 9% of the vote in the last general election.

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