Saturday, 7 July 2012

First grey hair on me noggin...

First of all sorry it has been a while, work and family have kept me away from the keyboard. I did have a brief and irrational fear of keyboards but that was mere procrastination.

The big news since the last blog is this...I have developed the earliest sign of the years catching up on me, the first grey hair on my noggin (for those unfamiliar with this particular colloquialism it means head). The lone white beast that stands out in the deep brown fields of my chest hair is not a sign of age, instead he is a valiant warrior standing proud. And the pedantic amongst you may say that the advancing armies of silver in my beard are technically noggin hairs. To you I say, "pish and posh, you are quibbling over nothings, my good man" (pedant's of the facial hair world are always men, an indisputable fact that cannot be disputed. My personal favourite kind of indisputable fact).

But now, this past Tuesday the 3rd July in the Year 2012 on the Gregorian calender at approximately 7 of the evening clock, while sitting in my car awaiting chips and sausage from my local chippie, while glancing casually in the rear view mirror to see my delightfully youthful visage disaster struck. Upon the left hand side of the aforementioned noggin, two inches above my ear I spotted a flash of blinding light reflecting back into the mirror. Several moments of fearful examination revealed the indisputable fact that it is my first grey hair (the others don't count because they aren't on my noggin, technicalities, see...)

'Tis my 14th straight 21st birthday tomorrow and with the onset of the terrible blight that is hair fade I may have to make plans for next years birthday to be my 22nd.

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